Hack Reactor: Week 5

 · 1 min read

A strange place to begin a blog, but here we are. Today was the beginning of Week 5 of the Remote Part Time Hack Reactor program. This program is a coding bootcamp that helps to build “autonomous, capable software engineers that employers are looking for.” Hack Reactor.

Each Monday, a new, more challenging sprint is introduced and we work in pairs to complete it, ideally by the end of class on Saturday. This week, we are continuing to work on algorithms with a chess-based app. I’ve gotten used to feeling completely lost as we begin working on Mondays, but it’s a really cool experience because by the end of the sprint, while I may not be an expert in the material, I have a much better understanding of the skills or technologies introduced that week.

With 5 weeks down and another 33 or so to go, I’m excited to see how much more I’ll grow as a fullstack software engineer.