As a Full-Stack Software Engineer, I love coding and figuring out new solutions for any given problem. I have experience across the stack, using technologies such as JavaScript, React, and Node, as well as both SQL and NoSQL databases. Recently, I built a taco discovery app using React on the front-end and Express on the back-end, employing RESTful APIs. I’m knowledgeable in deploying applications within EC2 instances to AWS and have experimented with Docker containers and images.

I’ve had a passion for coding from a very young age. With my older brother’s help, I started building HTML websites for fun when I was a kid. I’m really interested in creating applications that feature beautiful user interfaces and intuitive user experiences.

  • Front-End: JavaScript (ES6, ES5, JSX), React, HTML, CSS
  • Back-End: Node, Express, RESTful API Development
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite
  • Testing: Mocha, Chai, Jest, Jasmine
  • Deployment: AWS, Heroku
  • Other: npm, Git, Webpack, Babel, Test Driven Development, Feature Driven Development

When I’m not coding, I love cooking and eating from all food cultures. I also enjoy woodworking and DIY home projects. I’m also fluent in spoken and written Spanish.